Curation eJournals

Curation eJournals

Along with the many journals covering art research and history, we subscribe to a selection of journals that focus specifically on curation. To see full lists of issues, search for a journal title via the Library Catalogue. See our guide for searching for journals by issue here​. Alternatively, you can access journals directly from the publisher's site. Email and we will send you the relevant passwords.


With hundreds of journals to choose from, we've selected some examples of curation journals we think you might find useful:

Curator: The Museum Journal

Presents information on the policies in museum administration, research, exhibition development, visitor studies, conservation, education, collection management and other subjects of current concern to the community.

Journal of Curatorial Studies

The Journal of Curatorial Studies is an international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the cultural functioning of curating and its relation to exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. As a critical and responsive forum for debate in the emerging field of curatorial studies, the journal fosters scholarship in the theory, practice and history of curating, as well as that of exhibitions and display culture in general.

Museum Management and Curatorship

An international peer-reviewed journal, aimed at museum professionals, educators, and researchers, with articles covering current issues in museum practice, including collections management, communications, conservation, governance, interpretation, leadership, new technology and professional ethics. 

Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies

The Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies is fully peer reviewed and Open Access. It contains research on conservation science, artefact studies, restoration, museum studies, environment studies, collection management and curation.