Newspaper Archives

Newspaper Archives

The Irish Times Archive 

A fully searchable digital archive containing every page of The Irish Times published since the newspaper's foundation in 1859, including news articles, family notices, letters, obituaries, photographs. The site is particularly useful for researching the history of the National Gallery of Ireland and its directors. For passwords email for access.

The British Newspaper Archive 

The British Newspaper Archive is a superb database that provides digitised newspapers spanning three centuries. It currently contains three million pages of newspaper content including: new articles, family notices, letters, obituaries, advertisements and illustrations. The website includes hundreds of regional and national newspapers, periodicals, reports, newsletters and bulletins in the United Kingdom, as well as 55 newspapers from the Republic of Ireland. The website is therefore a fascinating resource detailing the lives and events of Irish life, and an indispensable resource for researching art history, exhibitions, and the history of museums.  Email for access.

The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper, an online and print publication that covers the international art world, was founded in 1990 by Umberto Allemandi and Anna Somers Cocks on the original concept of Il Giornale dell'Arte, founded 1983.
To use this online newspaper, follow the link below to the library catalogue search for "Art Newspaper".  Select this title and all the issues of The Art Newspaper will appear. Further instructions are available here.

Our reading rooms are closed at present but our staff are still available to assist you with your research needs.


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