Library Catalogue

Our library catalogue allows you to see what's available in our library collections and much of our archive collections. EBSCO Discovery Service hosts our library catalogue as well as many full-text digital resources that we subscribe to. This programme combines a range of information sources including Art Index Retrospective and Art & Architecture Source. Learn about how to search our collection and access thousands of full-text articles below. 

Online Article Access

A variety of full-text articles are available through our library catalogue provider. You can access these articles in the Gallery (when signed into the NGI WiFi or Network) or remotely by signing in with login details provided by the Library and Archives team. Once logged in, you can remotely access thousands of full-text articles from over 900 hundred journals, 400 of which are focused on visual arts. Request login details by contacting

Searching NGI Library and Archive Collections

There's no need for login details if you're searching for material in our collection via our library catalogue. Simply follow the link below ('Search Our Library Catalogue') to see what's available.

Our reading rooms are closed at present but our staff are still available to assist you with your research needs.


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