Research Assistance

Our staff are available to help with your research queries and send you guides and tips. As we all rely on online resources more than ever before, our staff are here to answer your questions and help you find the information you are looking for. Questions like how to use our resources or what materials are available regarding a particular topic are always welcome. We are also available to walk you through any queries via video call. Contact us at to with your query or request.

Inter-Library Loans

The NGI library provides an Inter-Library Loan service in cooperation with the British Library in London. A wide variety of electronic publications are currently available and can be ordered through our Library. Email to make a request.


While the library reading room at the National Gallery of Ireland is closed, staff still have access to our digital archives.

Portfolio is the internal file management software we use in the Library and Archives providing access to thousands of images relating the NGI collections, history and activities of staff and visitors. If you would like to request a copy of an image from the library and archive collections, please get in touch and we will do our very best to help you. Email to make a request.

Remote Work Tools

The following are some useful tools for working remotely that we recommend and are happy to assist you with. Zoom is a video conferencing service that's perfect for collaboration and demonstration as it allows staff to share screens. Slack is an instant messaging platform ideal for communicating with your team as conversations can be organised by topics, teams, projects and more. Google docs is an old favourite that provides a space for your team to work on documents simultaneously meaning the whole team is aware of the latest document updates. Trello a project management tool that allows you to create shared task boards with your team indicating project needs and progress. Get in touch at for assistance with any of these tools.

Online Courses

There are a variety of free online courses available that can assist with art history learning or the various roles involved in museum practice. Follow the link below to discover a selection of key online learning providers and examples of courses that could be of use to NGI staff and researchers alike. 

COVID-19 Information for Museums

Follow the link below to view a selection of art and museum-related resources that offer ongoing COVID-19 guidance and news. Our COVID-19 information page also highlights a variety of articles and other resources that focus on post-pandemic museum operations and the impact of COVID on such institutions.